Safe CIS

100% guarantee to ensure you don’t become a casualty of the CIS minefield

Don’t just manage your risk – eliminate it!

Changes in how the HMRC now views and treats companies who engage workers through CIS has increased the potential PAYE liabilities, the administration required for compliance and the risks of HMRC penalties, fines.

These changes have already happened and companies need to be aware of them and need to make changes to how they operate to address them to ensure they do not have negative impact on the profitability of your business or in the worst case the actual viability of your business going forward.

The HMRC have introduced rigorous compliance obligations, what’s more with the new laws introduced in 2014 around the use of agencies and intermediaries means that the simple take on of workers with a CIS number can be dangerous.

Workplace circumstances now prevail in all rulings and considerations of employment status by the HMRC so a one size fits all contract will not work. The need to choose an expert in the field of employment law, tax legislation and a track record of dealing with the HMRC to ‘keep safe’ clients is critical to safeguard anyone running a company that uses CIS self-employed workers.

wedo accounting can advise and offer solutions to:

  • Account for CIS tax to HM Revenue & Customs on payments to self-employed workers;
  • Deal with all paperwork associated with CIS self-employed workers;
  • Declare to HM Revenue & Customs that the workers have been appraised as self-employed;
  • Provide approved legal contracts and documentation that govern the relationships of the parties;
  • Provide an NIC losses Insurance policy covering professional expenses, NIC loses and interest claimed by the HMRC;

If you use self-employed workers paid under the CIS scheme why not talk to us we are here to help.