Accounting Services That Help Your Business Grow

wedo accounting specialises in helping small-medium businesses grow. We’re your strategic financial partner, here to cut costs and maximise profits.


You deserve more financial success. We’ll help you get it. Think of your wedo accountant as a strategic partner, here to help you lower costs, improve tax efficiency and maximise profits. They will cover off all of the day-to-day accountancy functions you need to keep your business running, while benchmarking your current performance against that of your competitors, and recommending ways that you can grow your business into the best-in-class company it was born to be.

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Due to recent Government advice our offices are unmanned, our business is still operating as normal with our accountant teams working from home. If you need to talk to us please use the mobile number below if you do not get a response on the main line number. Thank you

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Looking to start your own business?

We have helped thousands of new companies start their businesses, talk to us today about your business start-up and we will work with you to get your new business off the ground.

Bounce Back Loans Service

£50,000 in your bank in 7 days, If your business has been affected by current events and you need cash now! we can help you get the money you need. Need a Bounce Back Loan apply today!

Need more than £50,000?

We have access to much larger funding if your business needs more than £50,000. The CBILS loans facility gives you the means to borrow up to £5 million, we are here ready to help you.

Our Accountancy and Financial Planning Services.



Don’t get stuck spending hours every month processing your employee payroll information. Before you get bogged down by spreadsheets and online banking portals, consider handing everything over to us, and getting one burden off of your shoulders.

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 Book Keeping

Many small-medium businesses like yours don’t need to have a full-time accountant. Using wedo accounting for your bookkeeping admin can save you a lot on staffing costs. We provide all of the bookkeeping functions you need, without the full-time salary.

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Incorporation Accountancy

 Incorporation Advice

Self-Employed? Switching from self-employment to a limited company could give you an extra £3,500 each year. Find out how wedo accounting can provide the guidance and expertise you need to succeed in business. Why not give us a call today?

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Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Self-Assessment is complicated, there are strict deadlines for registering, and different filing deadlines depending on whether you file a paper tax return or sort things out online. Why spend time worrying about whether you’ve filled correctly? We can help.

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The job of a great accountant is to make your business more profitable, and we’re passionate about increasing your profits. Our experts are specially-trained to cover off every aspect of accountancy for your business, and to do so while cutting your costs.

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Business Growth Consultancy

 Business Growth Consultancy

If you dream of expansion, subsidiaries or expanded product ranges, wedo accounting can help. We’ll take your dream and turn it into an actionable plan, one with measurable targets. Then we’ll help you get to the end goal as quickly as possible.

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Brexit Consultancy

Brexit Consultancy

At wedo accounting, we believe in providing the best-in-class comprehensive tax solutions and are closely monitoring the impact of Brexit and MTD (on our customers and our products) to guide you through this period of uncertainty. 


Business Growth Consultancy

Strategic Planning

It starts with benchmarking you against your competitors, and it ends when you’re miles ahead of them. Our strategic planning services are famous for turning small businesses into big ones, and red into black.

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Loans and Grants

Business Loans and Grants

Need funding to tide you over, or seed money to cover the costs of setting up a new business? wedo specialises in helping business owners like you to get government grants and small business loans without complicated terms.

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wedo is the go-to accountancy firm for small businesses that want to become big successes. We drive your profits up, costs down, and efficiencies
through the roof.


What Our Customers Say

Where Do You Want Your Business to be in 2-5 Years? 

wedo Will Help You Get There.

You Need an Accountancy Firm That Invests in You. Wedo

When you’ve got measurable targets to achieve and investors to impress, it’s important to work with the right accountancy firm. Our team of Financial Advisors and Accountants are passionate about helping you to succeed, and we offer you the support you need to get from point A, to point C, to point Z, as quickly as possible.

We’re Your Closest Strategic Partner

When you enter into a business advice partnership with a WeDo Accountant, you invest in the financial stability and future growth potential of your company. We can advise you on how to be more tax efficient, help you forecast for Brexit, submit a funding application on your behalf or even come up with a strategic growth plan that helps you get your business to the next level as quickly as possible.

We’ll Cut Your Accounting Costs

Want some support with the everyday ins and outs of business finance? We offer bookkeeping services that eliminate the need to employ a fulltime accountant – something that’s likely unnecessary and expensive for smaller companies like yours.

We Cover all Bases

Our expert accountants provide face-to-face consultancy services in the London area, or telephone consultations if you prefer. We can help with any aspect of your company’s finances, no matter how big or small.

wedo accountancy services:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Incorporation
  • Self-assessment
  • Long-term financial planning
  • Brexit forecasting
  • Business growth consultancy