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We believe the job of a really good accountant is to help you to get more and we know we almost certainly can help you to get more from your business, more profit and more success.

Now that’s a big claim isn’t it so to help us prove it we’d like to briefly show you our methodology, so you can see and judge for yourself.

At the end of the video you can book a free consultation with us to find out more about what we do and how we do it and see if what we offer is right for you and right for your business.

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Our Story

We all have our own motivations for starting out in business, for me, it was a belief that I could create a business that would exist to help other businesses achieve success.

I have a husband and 2 boys and thought how cool it would be to achieve financial independence for me and my family by helping other business owners achieve their dreams, now that would be something! Something well worth getting out of bed for every day. So, in 2014 wedo accounting was born.

I will be honest it has not always been easy. But since developing our roadmap for business to help them get more, things have really changed for us. And we want to give back.

By offering something different and showing how we do it, business owners are seeing the real change our work brings to their business, some say it has even been life changing.

How we help you get more from your business

Competitor Benchmarking

One of the first things we usually do as part of our business review is to benchmark their business against others in their industry. From this we then produce a simple one-page summary to show how their business compares, which then allows us to identify the businesses strengths and weaknesses. From this we are then able to estimate how much higher the business profits and cash flow would be if they were able to emulate their more successful competitors.

Business Action Plan

Using diagnostic tools, we will drill down and show you your general options to improve your profits. We then produce a visual and mathematically precise model of exactly what is driving your profits, with a detailed action plan for making your business more successful, more profitable and more valuable.

Wealth Creation & Protection

To ensure you keep as much of the profits you make our tax warrior team will work to ensure you pay the smallest amount of tax legally possible. We will also create a personal balance sheet for you and your family and a plan to safeguard and protect your assets in order to fund your future plans, your retirement and for what you eventually leave to your loved ones, safeguarding their futures.

Joined Up Thinking

It is important to stress that everything we do for clients is part of a complete performance measurement and improvement system. We implement and follow a holistic approach to our client’s businesses with joined up thinking at each and every stage.

We like to think of it as a SAT NAV for business, through which we can help business owners become more financially successful and secure, some clients have even talked about the impact of our work being life-changing.

Want to find out more? We would love to meet you and see how we can help.

What People Are Saying About wedo accounting

Looking after my daughter

wedo accounting helped me to get more from my business, their business analysis allowed us to focus on our business strengths and we had a plan to address areas of weakness through a detailed action plan built for growth. What was really pleasing is recently my daughter got married and I was able to buy her a house and give her married life a great start. To be in business is often tough but being able to do that makes it all worthwhile.
Ted Tredger

Planning for our retirement

We run a medium sized green grocer’s in Putney. We came to wedo accounting to look for help on planning for our retirement. I have to say they have been just brilliant, they listened to us and didn’t talk down to us or overwhelm us, it has all been very nice.
Janice Cooper

Business is fun again

wedo have been so helpful. My business a bespoke fashion design business grew so quick that it became overwhelming, I worried constantly especially about not wanting to let people down and made myself quite ill. This forced me to stop and by chance I was introduced to wedo accounting. When I look back that first meeting was a real eye opener for me and with their help we built a business plan focused on managing our growth, that let me take back control over my business and I am really doing well and enjoying my business again.
Susan Hillier

Find out more about what we do and how we can help you grow your business

Free business consultation

We love talking to business owners about their businesses, we consider it a great privilege.  The consultation is for you, a chance for you to talk to us about your business, how it started and why, how it is doing and what you want from your business going forward. It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn about what we do and how we work.

The meeting is what it is, time put aside for you not for us, it is all about giving you the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for you and your business.

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